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It is the next generation in tracking SKU performance

TraQline HPOSTM is model tracking for major appliances. A system delivering unmatched granularity for top-selling retail SKUs across the industry’s leading retailers.

HPOSTM delivers more than
conventional POS systems

With Hybrid POSTM you can master the constantly-changing marketplace more efficiently with the most accurate and comprehensive data. While traditional POS systems cannot provide model-level insights by retailer – TraQline HPOSTM does.

Measure SKU Performance

SKU Performance
by Retailer

Three Major Retailers account for over 60% of retail market sales. HPOSTM gives you the ability to track the share and drivers of the top selling SKUs at these retailers. Monitor drivers of share such as price, floor position, website position, and more.

Marketplace Gaps

Marketplace Gaps

Combining the groundbreaking HPOSTM methodology with SKU MetrixTM and TraQlineTM - the largest consumer panel of its kind – empowers brands and retailers to identify pricing gaps, path to purchase behaviors and rest of market performance.

Private Label and 
Derivative Performance

Private Label &
Derivative Performance

Our methodology is incredibly accurate, yet independent of retailer participation. This enables unparalleled access to performance of private label and derivative models. Due to its reliance on proprietary retailer data, conventional POS is unable to provide these results.

Hybrid POS solves your Merchandising, Marketing, & Pricing Challenges

Hybrid POSTM
solves your
Marketing, &
Pricing Challenges

Tracking & Performance

Track estimated SKU shares & prices
for the top 3 retailers and monitor monthly.



Determine which SKUs to display on retailers’ floors and why.



Instant access to SKU details and direct links to
major brand & retailers’ websites.

Productivity Gains

Productivity Gains

Access to critical merchandising tools in one place:
Planograms, SKU Library, and SKU Performance.

Product Improvements

Product Improvements

Analyze floor, web positions, and sale pricing - identify
performance drivers across top SKUs.

Measuring Effectiveness

Measuring Effectiveness

Gain insights that propel your sales strategy forward.

Unrivaled Access to
Data and Manipulation


High-Level Insights Into Performance Data

  • Thorough filtering options including time period, retailer, manufacturer, and brand
  • Highlights top selling SKUs by selected filter & product feature
  • Improved intelligence into pricing of key competitive models
  • Advanced visibility into derivative sales models

Upgrade Your Strategy Over Time

  • Surpasses traditional POS Systems by tracking trends
  • Improved insights on how merchandising decisions such as floor location and price affect your sales
  • Motivates data-driven decision making as opposed to relying on a “gut-feeling”

New Technologies Empower Unmatched Accuracy

TraQline’s team of data scientists, market analysts, and economists bring you TraQline HPOSTM. This combination of technology provides metrics surpassing any traditional POS system. HPOSTM synthesizes receipt data, floor shops, page view analyses, TraQline survey results and more to provide data to adopt winning strategies at the SKU level.

TraQline Survey TraQline Survey


Annual data for 600,000+ consumers across all brands & retailers focused on the who, what, where & why for durables purchases.

Floor Shops Floor Shops


Obtain SKU placement, pricing, and availability via floor shops.

Retailer Websites Retailer Websites


Acquire SKU details that includes brand, configuration, and price for the industries top major appliance retailers.

Purchase Records Purchase Records


Real-time information on shopper behavior and purchases.

Exceed the Limitations of Traditional POS Systems

Features & Benefits Traditional POS System
Independent of retailer participation minus check
Rank top selling SKUs minus check
Quick access to feature details for SKUs check check
Computes brand shares across entire retail market minus check
Retailer market shares availability minus check
Draw/close, purchase drivers, behavior available check check

*Some of the features and benefits of HPOS are powered in tandem with our other products.

Trusted for over 20 years

Brand and retail professionals trust TraQline to help navigate their data needs.

“I’ve been in the appliance industry for 40+ years, and have always wanted a tool like TraQline HPOS™. The tool not only has the ability to identify estimated market shares by SKU for the nation’s Big 3 retailers, it provides a window for other SKU metrics that drive share change (ie. Retail prices and floor & website page position). HPOS™ is incredible, with its timely insights into retailer and competitors’ brand performances. What a productivity hit, too!”

Jack C, Director - Market Development